What is a visual novel (VN)? – Visual novels are interactive stories. Most focus on character development and storytelling as opposed to action. In many visual novels (though not all), the story is guided by the reader through a series of options provided along the way.

How is it different from a graphic novel? – Graphic novels linear stories that follow a comic book type format (though not always!). The key difference between graphic novels and visual novels is reader interaction.

Is Tempting Fate a game or a VN? – It’s a little of both. Tempting Fate has been written to provide lots of options, very early in the story. There are literally hundreds of story arcs to explore. Tempting Fate will also include a handful of mini-games that add to the flavor of the story, and keep the story moving along. These mini-games will do things like help you earn money, help increase reputation or just blow off some steam.

Is this adult themed? – Yes, very much so! We recommend you visit our SubscribeStar site for more details.

What is SubscribeStar? – SubscribeStar is a site that allows people to sponsor artists and other content creators that they would like to support. We are building Tempting Fate in our spare time and will be releasing it for free. If you like it, and would like to see more, you can support our efforts with your donations.

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